Software Developer, Founder of Ballot Assure

Phillip Davis

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1986, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with an emphasis on Computer Science. My career in the computer field spans over 38 years, reflecting a deep-seated expertise in image processing and data analysis.

I'm currently the Lead Full Stack Engineer for a large identity verification company specializing in fingerprint background checks.

Specialization in Fingerprint and Image Analysis

My professional career into fingerprints and image analysis began over 30 years ago. I have been actively involved in the background check and fingerprint identification field, honing my skills in detailed image analysis and pattern recognition.

US Patent 5420937 - Fingerprint Information Extraction by Twin Tracker Border Line Analysis

Political Involvement and Social Media Presence

My start in ballot analysis is a testament to the interplay between technology, political interest, and social media dynamics. From a background in computer science and image analysis to navigating the complexities of social media and election integrity, my path reflects a blend of technical acumen and adaptive strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of political engagement and technological innovation.

My political engagement started in 2016, inspired by the candidacy of President Trump. Despite being nearly 55 years old, it was then that I registered to vote for the first time, drawn by the enthusiasm for a candidate I found refreshing.

My foray into social media began with the creation of video memes, particularly following an incident where a meme creator was doxed by a news network. I initiated a Twitter account '@Mad_Liberals', which quickly amassed over 150,000 followers. My content mainly consisted of humorous mash-ups featuring President Trump and other political figures, with several videos reaching millions of views.

Following the 2020 election, my account faced suspension for queries about signature verification. This incident not only fueled my curiosity about the election's integrity but also marked my deeper involvement in election analysis.

Ballot Anaylsis

Motivated by a video showing duplicated ballots, I utilized my background in image analysis to explore ballot images from the Fulton election. This led to the creation of the "Ballot Finder" software, a tool designed to identify and analyze ballot duplications accurately.

Joining VoterGA, led by Garland Favorito, I gained access to a wider range of ballot images for analysis. This collaboration provided valuable resources and insights, enhancing the scope of my work.

Eventually, my collaboration with VoterGA concluded, leading to a new partnership with Joe Marolda. Together, we formed a Discord group with a few other like minded individuals to continue our ballot analysis efforts.

Our work faced unexpected challenges when Discord banned our account and deleted all our findings. Undeterred, Joe and I established a Slack channel, whimsically named Stacy Abrams Fan Club, to mask our true nature and to continue our work in a more secure environment.